Stem Cell Phones


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by John Guthrie, EIN staff writer

ic2.jpgThe moral controversy over unborn cell tissue has taken a new twist. High-tech engineers in Japan have developed a prototype for the first workable "stem cell phone". These hands-free phones will actually modulate human thought into sounds, syllables, and words. ic2.jpg

Apparently, an acupuncture-type electronic connection is inserted in the human's brain stem. This ultrafiber is connected to a transmodulator. The prototype transmodulator is said to be very cumbersome, nearly as bulky as the first Sony Walkmans from the last century. The size of this initial unit and the more than $300 dollar price tag has critics wondering about the general practicality and marketability of the "brain phone". However, stem cell phone inventor Dr. Sam Jabo rebutted the critics.

"We are just at begining," said Jabo. "With the help of more living unborn human fetal stem cells, there is no limit but that of the human imagination on how small and cheap we can make stem cell phones."

LEFT: Dr. Sam Jabo, inventor of the stem cell phone.
RIGHT:The first stem cell phone activation. The procedure took 16 hours. The patient was not charged for airtime during the installation.

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