Trends on Shit Softening


Electronic Internet News

by John Guthrie, EIN Staff Writer

U.S.A. - Reports from A. C. Neilsen show trends on the word Shit are softening. For 10 years now Shit has been slowly cycling down. The highly anticipated 4th quarter data on the word was released earlier today. The Nielsen data shows the cursing public is turning to other options in greater numbers than previously thought. Shit, once firmly in control in nearly every demographic, now seems to be fighting just to stay liquid.

EIN curse-word analyst Seymour Butts says Shit will always be a part of the American lexicon. "However, it is now a documented fact that the words Suck and Fuck are just kicking the shit out of Shit. People have simply overused the word Shit. There was a time when a human could shout 'Bullshit!' and get a given response. Shit got attention. Not anymore. Shit has run its course."

Butts claims the problem may be even worse than the new data indicates. "Not only do the numbers include compound words like Horseshit and Dogshit, but Shit is getting credit for 'piggyback' expressions like 'Fuck this Shit', and 'This Shit Fucking Sucks'. If you filter the results to include only standalone Shit usage, the drop is even more dramatic. For example, we have seen a 50% decline in 'Oh Shit!' over the past decade. 'This Sucks!' has replaced 'That's Bullshit!' Everyone is still saying Shit, but Fuck and Suck eroding Shit usage."

Years ago, Damn, Crap, and even Lie were considered unspeakable. Now times have changed. Shit exists in the grey area between the words you can say at a business luncheon, like Suck, and truly powerful profanity, like Fuck. "Suck has a great visual quality," says Butts. "'You Suck!' is easily defined. You are actively creating inward air pressure with your mouth in order to engage some external material. And by adding an object to the phrase, the level of profanity can be adjusted to taste. 'You Suck object'. Examples: Hind Tit, Donkey Dick, Ass. This is impactful and explicit communication in the now. Try getting that demeaning with Shit. No Fucking way."

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