Psychic Sues Future Partners


Electronic Internet News

by Jimmy Guthrie, EIN staff writer

September 6, 2001 - Psychic channeler Rev. Laurie McDonald is suing future business partners Madame Marguerite Melman and her sidekick, Art Nouveau. Rev. McDonald, new-age minister at the School Of Consciousness, told an Arizona judge that although she has never met the two defendants, their paths will soon cross, and a breach of contract will occur, causing her financial hardship, mental anguish, and pain and suffering in the amount of $10 million. In order to avoid the lengthy delays in the court system, she is filing her suit in the present, in hopes that it may come to trial soon after the events of the case come to pass.

While channeling the angel spirit Ashena, McDonald was able to see forward to the month of October, 2001. There, she claims, she will form a partnership with Melman and Nouveau. The psychic trio "Art, Marg & Laurie" will become the hottest team of fortune tellers in northeast Arizona. After a brief affair with the well-hung Art Nouveau, Laurie will allegedly be unceremoniously ousted by the jealous clairvoyant Marguerite. "This will ruin my career," McDonald contests.

Madame Marguerite disagrees. "I do not compete for Spring. I only foretell that Spring is coming," said the gypsy. "Art is my spiritual partner, my soulmate. He would never have an affair with another woman." Nouveau neither confirmed nor denied the allegations, saying only that he is "curiously interested in meeting this woman."

The case has drawn a tremendous amount of attention from the media. Already, corporations are lining up to be the first to have "Art, Marg & Laurie" at their trade show booth or company Halloween party, should the three agree to unite.

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