Mommy Is Not In The Mood For Your Whining


Electronic Internet News

by Jimmy Guthrie, EIN staff writer

It came as no surprise to the handful of onlookers at Wal-Mart today that Mommy is not in the mood for your whining. The whining, which began as a request for a Princess Barbie, progressed into a shrill, repetitive howl within minutes. Witnesses report that Mommy first attempted to reason with you, but became increasingly irritated with the unceasing squall emanating from your little lungs.

"Do you think we just get a Barbie every time we go to the store?" snapped Mommy rhetorically. "Mommy is not in the mood for your whining! Now calm down and be a good girl and we can get some gum when we leave." This logic apparently had no effect on you, as the bellowing only increased in intensity.

The hullabaloo reportedly continued through the checkout and out to the van. Sources close to Mommy say you continued to fuss all the way home.