Bin-Laden Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery


Electronic Internet News

by Wayne Johnson, EIN Foreign Correspondent

ABOVE: Computer-generated photo of what a post-operative Osama Bin Laden might look like today.
ISLAMABAD - Sources in Pakistan say Osama Bin Laden has undergone extensive cosmetic surgery in an effort to change his appearance and slip past his pursuers.

"With a $25 million reward for his capture, he can't trust anyone. His face is known throughout the world," said a State Department spokesperson. "What other choice does he have?"

According to medical records found in a captured bunker at Tora Bora, a surgeon was flown in from Kabul to perform a variety of cosmetic surgical procedures aimed at significantly altering Bin Laden's appearance. Witnesses said, however, that the surgeon had never actually performed these types of surgeries, and almost completely removed Bin Laden's nose.

After a brief recovery, Bin Laden disguised himself in military garb and fled the war-torn country. Before leaving the terrorist-controlled caves, however, Bin Laden spoke briefly to an assembled group of Al Quaeda recruits. He was reportedly in good spirits.

"He did this thing where he appeared to be walking forward, but he was actually moving backward. It was really quite amusing," one witness reported.

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