Crematorium Operator Free On Bail
Judge Declares Him "Weird And Gross",
But Not Dangerous


Electronic Internet News

by Jimmy Guthrie, EIN Staff Writer

NOBLE, Georgia - A Georgia judge has ordered that crematory operator Ray Brent Marsh be released on $100,000 bail. Walker County Magistrate Judge Jerry Day said he did not see enough evidence that Marsh poses a risk of fleeing or a threat of danger. "I have thought of many words to describe his terrible deeds." said Day in his ruling. "Deviant, weird, gross, smelly, yucky. But dangerous and threatening are just not on the list."

28-year-old Marsh is charged with 116 counts of theft by deception for allegedly accepting payment for cremations he never performed. Officials have now found over 300 uncremated bodies on the property. Suspicions were first raised by Norma Fayette, whose grandmother's "remains" were delivered in a vacuum cleaner bag, and included a significant amount of pet hair and cigarette butts. "It just didn't feel right." said Fayette.

Judge Day has issued an advisory to all who might be considering doing business with Marsh after his release. "This man may tell you he will cremate a body for you. Do not believe him. He will just hide the body somewhere and charge you the money. Even if he promises he won't, he probably will. He is a gross, weird, gross, gross man."

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