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I have to applaud your article "WizPinkard Of FloydOz" in the June issue. I followed the directions carefully, starting the Dark Side Of The Moon CD on the third roar of the MGM lion, and simultaneously dropping three hits of liquid LSD. I saw very little correlation between the music and the movie until about 30 minutes in, at which point the voice of Roger Waters seemed to flow from the very pores of Judy Garland. The remainder of the movie was in perfect sync with the music.

After that experience, I began experimenting with other musical/visual combinations, many of which are just as amazing as the WizPinkard Of FloydOz. I have also found that dropping the acid about 45 minutes beforehand is best, although I had one bad experience when I couldn't figure out how to work my CD player. My favorite ones to hear and watch are: Led Zepplin IV with "Alice In Wonderland", Grateful Dead June 21, 1972 show in Denver with "Police Academy 6", and The Beatles (aka The White Album) with any episode of "Who's The Boss?". Once, Tony Danza turned to me and whispered, "Greg Williams, you are a beautiful flower in a sea of playing cards," while Paul McCartney blew the smell of honeysuckle through my stereo speakers.

Greg Williams, Boulder, CO


We've had a lot of fun this year. It's hard to believe we'll be seniors in the fall! Remember Chuck E. Cheese's after football games? I'll never forget Ms. Wood's class. Without you in there, it would have really been boring. Remember when she had chalk all over her butt?

Are your parents going to read this? I better not mention what you did at Hammond park then. Let's just say your car rules! You better be good while I'm in Florida this summer. Don't party too hard, even though I know you will. Road sodas rule! Jello rules! Cops with mustaches totally suck!

Well, I have to get to class, but STAY SWEET! LOVE YA!!

-Darby :)

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