It All Comes Back To You

Electronic Internet News

by Jason Adams, EIN Senior Intern

I had one bizarre lunch today. I went to McDonald's (because I intend to get as fat as possible and sue them), and I sat in my car while eating a burger. Some guy came up to my window and asked for some food money, so I gave him a dime.

Right then, my luck started to change. I looked across the street, and this very, very white albino man was loping down the sidewalk. It made me happy. I had helped out my bro' with some food money, and this was my reward. It had been over a year since I last laid my eyes on an albino man.

Then, as I'm driving back to my office, I spot this odd-looking fella on the corner. Sure enough- he's an albino too! Only this one has the face of an afro-American. Those are some rare birds, and believe me, I took a good long look at him. You never forget things like that.

With my luck, I'll probably run into some midgets after work. And all because I helped my fellow man.